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 All Israeli residents who are self-employed, shareholders, freelancers and,under certain circumstances, this applies also to employees, are required by law to file an annual tax report to the Israeli tax authorities (Mas Hachnasa). The report must declare all income earned both in Israel and abroad.

 New immigrants and veteran returning residents are exempt from this rule excepting business conducted in Israel which is unconnected with the businesses they conducted in their country of origin.

 In order to receive maximum tax benefits and to minimize the tax load as much as possible, it is advisable to hire a qualified C.P.A. to  prepare and file the tax declaration form with the authorities for you.

He will ensure that:

  • The report has been prepared in full accordance with the tax authorities directives.

  • Includes all the possible tax privileges from which you can legally benefit, thus ensuring maximum tax savings.

  • Whether you are incorporated as a company, freelancer, self-employed or non-profit organization or have simply have overpaid taxes as an employee, click above for the page on tax rebates.

 Our office specializes in tax report preparations and the office partners have wide and comprehensive experience in auditing and tax reporting both to the Israeli and the U.S. tax authorities.

 Our office can also help you file claims to the U.S. authorities for child allowances and will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of this claim.

 In order to arrange a consultation and to receive an estimate for preparing and filing your tax report, please fill in the form below.

Our charge  for a consultation is 350 NIS, which is deductible from the fee for preparing the report.


In addition to the annual tax declaration, businesses: self-employed,  freelancers, companies and non-profit organisations are required to report monthly (up to the 15th of every month) to all three tax authorities. The obligatory report are:

  • V.A.T. Whether you are obliged to report to the V.A.T. authorities monthly, bi-monthly or yearly depends on your business’s yearly overturn. 

  • Mas Hachnasa. You may be required to report monthly or bi-monthly. Mas Hachnasa will require reporting and paying instalments on your calculated yearly tax liability. They will require payments for your personal liability or that of your company and also, where relevant the tax liability of your or your company’s employees (deductions at source).

  • Bituach Leumi. Here also you may be required to report monthly or bi-monthly. Bituach Leumi will require reporting and paying installments on your calculated yearly tax liability. They will always require payments for your personal insuranceeither as a self-employed or as a shareholder and also, where relevant the tax liability of your or your company’s employees (deductions at source).

  • Our office can undertake all the necessary calculation for the above-mentioned payments  and will ensure  a current up-to-date follow-up for every reporting period to be certain that you do not overpay on your installments. We then make all the payments, required by law,  on or before the  date demanded.


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