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Questionnaire for Tax Rebates




The tax authorities allow one to claim a tax rebate up to 6 years back. Of course, there can be no tax rebate if tax was never paid for the year claimed.

How will you know that you may be eligible for a tax rebate?

If you have replied “yes”, to any one of the following questions ‘ then there is a possibility that you are eligible for a tax return:

  • Did you have any losses or did you pay tax on dealings in the Capital Market?                  If you have an investment portfolio ask your bank for 867 forms –six years back.

  • Did you work in two or more places of employment at the same time?

  • Have you changed your place of employment in the last 6 years?

  • Were you employed more than one month but less than 12 months in any year?

  • Do you receive two or more different pensions?

  • Did you make independent contributions, not directly from your salary to a life insurance policy or Provident Fund ( Kupat Gemel) in the name of yourself/wife/children/parents?

  • Did you make donations over 370 NIS to recognized charities? ( original receipts for same tax year only , are accepted.)

  • Did you receive unemployment benefits or child-birth allowance from Bituach Leumi? Caveat: do not try to request a tax rebate for this situation without professional advice. Sometimes Bituach Leumi deduct TOO LITTLE TAX and you’re

  • left with a negative rebate.

  • Are you a one-parent family or do you pay alimony?

  • Are you a new immigrant, veteran returning resident, discharged soldier or did you complete a further degree in the tax year ( Master or Doctorate).

  • Were you on maternity leave?

  • Did you live in a periphery settlement or beyond the green line?

  • Did you pay for professional training or educational upgrading?

  • Did you make a contribution in memory of a soldier, a member of your family, who fell in battle?

  • Did you have expenses for a family member in a hospice or institution for the frail?

  • Do either you or your wife support a parent in an old-age home? This does not apply to sheltered accommodation, only an institution for the frail.

  • Did you pay National Insurance contributions while employed in Great Britain ? You may be able to claim a pension. 


If your answer was “yes” to at least one question, then it is possible that you are eligible for a tax rebate.

If you are eligible, we will deal with your file at the lowest rate on the market- 15% of the rebate  +m.a.m.

We do all the work including filling out forms and filing the reports with Mas Hachnasa.

For a free evaluation of your eligibility and without any obligations,

Please send us your details in the following form, and we will return to you A.S.A.P.:

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